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Logo design


We know how vital a logo is as a visual representation of your company, which is why Random Press Graphic Design Cairns takes its role as being a leader in logo and branding design for Cairns and Far North Queensland very seriously.

  The right logo is a memorable representation of your brand, inspires confidence in your customers and attracts new clients.

  Not only will our experienced graphic designers create a logo for you that is effective and compelling, they will also make sure it’s ideally suited for your business and increase your customer base.

  Effective logos are integral to company branding and development. They create the platform for your stationery, website, e-newsletters, uniforms, brochures, advertisements, posters, cars, signage and promotional items, so getting it right the first time is critical.

  Let our experienced graphic designers help you get a competitive advantage with a dynamic new logo.

  Phone (07) 4039 1131 or email

Our logo design service is available Australia wide.






While a logo opens the door to new clients, it is just the beginning of a more in-depth representation of your corporate branding, which needs to be impressive in today’s competitive world.

  We know how vital it is that you have effective branding across all aspects of your business including advertising, stationery, brochures, the media and your website.

  The colours you choose, the style of design, images, slogans and fonts all create a strong visual representation of your company, so you want to be absolutely certain you have the right branding for your business.

  Our graphic design and branding specialists are experts at helping you design a new corporate look or revitalise your current branding. We are passionate about ensuring you position your company in the best possible light so you can attract new customers and increase business.

  Our creative graphic designers will work on your vision to provide you with a custom-made, innovative design that will enhance your company’s marketability, lift your business profile and attract new customers.

  Improve your company’s profile by talking to our branding specialists on (07) 4039 1131 or email




Conceptual design


Come to us with your idea and we will sit down with you to discuss it and help make it happen for you.

  If it’s a new game, a dynamic set of cards, unusual packaging, inventive lumpy mail ideas or anything outside the square, we will help you to bring your ideas to fruition.

  Our expert conceptual designers will sketch ideas for the implementation of your idea, determine and source the materials you’ll need and create the perfect design and branding for your new idea or product.

  We will also work closely with you to determine your target demographic and we offer sound ideas on how you can best market and promote your idea.

  From concept to design and production, you can trust our creative designers to turn your idea into a reality.

  Contact us today for an obligation-free quote on

(07) 4039 1131 or email






To make a lasting impression and stand out from the rest you need vibrant advertisements that will set you apart from your competitors, resonate with your audience and attract new customers.

  Because our talented graphic designers have more than 15 years of advertising experience, they are experts at designing attention-grabbing ads for all of today’s mediums.

They are well known for creating impressive ads in a variety of formats for newspapers, magazines, billboards, brochures, outdoor advertising and websites. And they are passionate about making sure all your advertisements are successful for you.

We will help you pinpoint the best advertising campaign to benefit your business and create unique advertisements to ensure you maximise your advertising budget.

Make your advertising dollar work for you by talking to our creative graphic designers on (07) 4039 1131 or email






Illustrations are popular, dynamic tools widely used by companies and businesses to add extra impact to their graphic design projects.

  Our professional illustrators can take your graphic design project to a higher level, thanks to their extensive experience in detailed hand and digitally drawn illustrations.

  From realistic sketches to cartoon-style images, our experienced Cairns illustrators will help you stand out from the crowd and capture new audiences with unique custom-designed illustrations.

  Our illustrations are designed specifically for your company and its needs, making them totally unique to your business. Like an original piece of art, illustrations are timeless and unique pieces of artwork.

  From book covers and CD/DVD covers to websites, manuals and newsletters, our illustrators will deliver the ‘wow’ factor to any of your advertising, branding and promotional material.

  We are also experts at incorporating your illustration with your company branding including adapting your corporate colours and your business vision into your illustration.

  For the perfect illustration, contact our experienced illustrators on (07) 4039 1131 or email




Graphs & charts


Graphs, which are used extensively today in most businesses, are vital tools when you want to grab your audience’s attention as you convey messages using statistics and figures.

  Our experienced graphic designers are experts at producing professional and easy-to-read graphs that will lift a sterile and boring block of figures right off the page and command attention.

  Instead of talking about figures, percentages and numbers, you can bring these statistics to life with a professionally created graph or chart.

  The use of informative line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, area maps and ring charts can help your audience see your message by visually displaying comparisons, relationships and growth.

  They are commonly used in annual reports, brochures, magazines, newspapers and newsletters because they are a successful way for your audience to visualise and understand what you are saying.

  Graphs are a very personal communication tool, and our experienced graph designers will work closely with you to create the right graph for your specifications.

  For all your graph design needs, contact us on

(07) 4039 1131 or email






The inclusion of maps in business reports, on your website or in your promotional material not only gives your publications a professional and polished appearance, they also attracts a wider audience.

  Our graphic designers are experienced and professional map designers who can help with all your map requirements.

  Be it site maps, exhibit locations, educational maps, road maps, detailed scaled maps or individually illustrated maps, our team of designers will work closely with you to create high-quality, professional maps.

  A professionally drawn map using your corporate colours and branding can be incorporated into just about any printed or multimedia platform, enhancing your product and making it individualised.

  Our map design team love creating maps and are passionate about ensuring you are 100 per cent satisfied with the product.

  For an obligation-free quote, phone (07) 4039 1131 or email



Photo montage


The amalgamation of a group of pictures or graphics into a single image can create a look and feel that transcends the boundaries of what can normally be achieved with conventional photography.

  Graphics and photos are used extensively in today’s digital age and our skilled graphic designers have years of experience creating outstanding images using multiple photos or graphics to help enhance your business needs.

  Our talented graphic designers use up-to-date software programs and their creative eyes to seamlessly blend any number of photos together, creating an image that will stand out from conventional photos.

  You can improve the look of your advertisements, promotional material, annual reports and newsletters by the use of layered photos and graphics. This fusion of photos can create a single image, making it easier than incorporating multiple images.

To learn how fusing photos and graphics can improve your advertisements and business documentation, phone (07) 4039 1131 or email

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