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Proof reading


There’s nothing worse than a mistake, especially when it ends up costing you money.

  Considering the money you spend on creating, designing, circulating and advertising your business brochures, websites, advertisements and publications, you can’t afford to have a spelling, grammatical or factual mistake ruin the product and make it unusable, costing you even more money to fix the error.

  The professional editorial proofreading team at Random Press prides itself on providing mistake-free copy that will enhance your professional profile and attract valuable customers.

  Not only are the editorial team members at the Cairns graphic design studio ultra efficient in proofreading for typographical and grammatical errors, they are also experts at identifying and following style, tone and consistency throughout your branding.

Using grammar incorrectly can make a huge difference to the meaning of a sentence. You can’t afford to have your message misread or misunderstood.

Call (07) 4039 1131 or email for all your proofreading requirements.


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