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Business cards


A business card is one of the most important tools in any successful business. Not only are cards a way of making a professional first impression while distributing your contact details but, if designed properly, they also act as an effective marketing and advertising tool.

Our designers excel at designing eye-catching cards that are tailor-made for your business. From dynamic designs using photos, graphics and foils to more traditional styles, our Cairns graphic designers will produce striking cards that are unique to your business and will draw the attention of prospective customers.

They will work with you to create business cards that are specifically designed to represent the image of your business. By incorporating your business logo, colours and branding, your business cards will have a polished and sleek image that will lift your professional credibility and leave a lasting impression.

Make sure your business cards are one of your best advertisements and networking tools. For an obligation-free quote, phone (07) 4039 1131 or or email




Flyers & brochures


Creating striking, high-impact brochures, corporate folders and flyers that attract the attention of your target demographic are some of the greatest strengths of our designers.

  A brochure or flyer designed by the Cairns brochure design experts not only stands out from the rest, but its content is well-written by professional copy writers to grab the readers’ attention and keep it.

  From single-sided one-colour flyers to four-colour, multiple-fold brochures and custom-designed shapes, the variety of styles, sizes and combinations our designers can provide is only limited by your imagination.

  Our experienced graphic designers can pinpoint the best style of brochure to suit your type of business or occasion, and they will help you incorporate cutting-edge marketing strategies to better maximise your advertising budget.

  They are passionate about helping you find the best format, photos, words, colours and paper grades that will attract attention and new customers.

  Whatever your company’s branding and marketing strategy, our brochure design experts will create custom-designed brochures and flyers that will perfectly complement your company’s image.

  Call the brochure design experts on (07) 4039 1131 or email for an obligation-free quote.






Not only is stationery another important tool in your marketing and promotional material, it is also an important reflection on your company’s professional image.

  You need to ensure your stationery, including email stationery, is designed to portray your brand identity in an impressive and professional manner.  

  That’s where our expert designers come in. They believe your stationery items, including business cards, are vital business tools and they are passionate about ensuring your stationery enhances your business profile.

  Having the right stationery can also make a big difference in giving you an edge over your competitors. A consistent style and design across your stationery items increases your brand awareness and keeps your name and profile in the marketplace,

  Our knowledgeable stationery experts can incorporate your branding into all your stationery needs. They are experienced in designing all forms of stationery including letterheads, email stationery, with-compliment slips, envelopes, invoice books and pads, leaflets, company forms, certificates and invitations in any size or shape you want.

  We’ll also arrange all your printing stationery needs.

For an obligation-free quote on all your stationery needs, phone (07) 4039 1131 or email






Signs are one of the most effective ways to keep a high profile 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  Everyone reads signs, which makes them one of the ideal ways to effectively communicate your business or service.  

  Signs are the best way for people to find you and they are also the first impression conveyed to your customers when they walk into your place of business.

  Our signage experts will help make sure your signs work for you, draw in new customers and keep your profile highly visible.

  They provide a complete signage service including working with you to design an effective concept and providing a full production and installation service.

  The Cairns signage experts have the skills, technology and creativity to help you create all your exterior and interior designs. They will also help you with whatever type of signage you require such as banners, animated banners, lighted signs, digital signs, sandwich boards and car signage.

  Talk to our Cairns signage specialists who will custom design any type of signage for you. For a free quote, phone  (07) 4039 1131 or email






Posters are an ideal method of promoting your business, products or services in a highly affordable and highly visible way. They can be put almost anywhere and are seen by a huge range of potential customers, making them an essential advertising tool.

  Our poster designers have more than 10 years of experience in quality poster design and will help you create perfect posters for all of your needs such as trade shows, conferences, shop walls offices, venues and street posters.

  Whether you need to advertise a sale or event, add professional posters to your shop or office or just want to increase your brand awareness, turn to our creative poster designers for help.

  Posters are a great cost-effective way to grab the attention of potential clients. They can be strategically placed to attract a public audience and are a great advertising tool as they draw the eyes of a huge range of potential new clients. 

  There is a reason why posters are used extensively in today’s digital age – they work!

  Whether you require long or short print runs, indoor or outdoor posters, our designers can suggest the most cost-effective way to produce the perfect poster for any of your company’s events or products.

  Contact our Cairns poster design team on (07) 4039 1131 or email for a free quote.






When you exhibit in trade shows, expos and conventions, you want to stand out from the rest and get clients flocking to your display. And the best way to do that is to have a show-stopping display.

  From custom designing your display with your corporate branding and colours to delivering the finished display on time and within budget, our exhibit display experts at the Cairns design studio can take care of all your exhibition needs.

  Their 10 years of experience ensures you will get the most effective and unique display system, helping you make a lasting impression on potential clients.

  Whether you need a small store display or a larger trade show exhibit, our  specialists will help you decide the right size, materials and design to effectively market your business.

  For an obligation-free quote from our display specialists, phone (07) 4039 1131 or email






In today's fast-paced world where you may have only a few seconds to promote you business or product, size does matter. That is why billboards are one of the largest and most effective forms of signage available.

  Billboards guarantee an audience, but to capture that audience and translate it into customers you need to make sure your billboard has impact. That’s where our experienced billboard designers come in.

  They will create eye-catching billboards that will grab the attention of your huge audience and help build your business profile and reputation.

  They calculate factors such as sun position during peak hours, the speed at which traffic flows and a wide range of marketing strategies to help create a billboard to attract new customers to your door.

  They will work closely with you to design the billboard in your corporate colours with your branding or will help you create a whole new branding.

  For an obligation-free quote from our experienced billboard designers, email or phone (07) 4039 1131.



Press advertising


Press advertising, including newspapers, magazines and other publications, is a highly effective medium if your advertisement makes the right impact.

  Creating attention-getting ads is a speciality of our press advertising graphic designers, who have years of newspaper and magazine experience producing eye-catching designs.

  Our talented team will work closely with your ideas and branding to design an impressive ad that will lift off the page and command attention.

  They design creative ads to suit the industry standard specifications of any newspaper, magazine or publication, including online publications.

  They will also ensure your ad is compatible to suit all mediums and can re-format your existing advertising for use on website banners, email banners/signatures and website and facebook advertisements. In addition, they can take printed material and animate it for digital applications. 

The best thing is, they'll work with you step by step along the way, providing proofs as required, so you can rest assured you will have approved your advertisement long before it goes to print.

  For an obligation-free quote on all your press advertising requirements, phone (07) 4039 1131 or email

Business cards
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Press ads


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